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Why are the truss, pipe, and rigging equipment necessary?

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    Why are the truss, pipe, and rigging equipment necessary?

    Well, it necessary to provide support to the lights that have to hang off something. Usually, that something is a catwalk, a pipe batten, or a truss. Pipe, truss, and all of the equipment used to hang stuff from the building's structure combined called rigging and is one of the unsung models of the lighting industry. It's part of the fundamental infrastructure of a lighting system and one of the unseen expenses of the system, as well as one of the most dangerous part. It is because anytime that you hang something above your head, there is always a risk of injury or death if the item decides to fall. Incorrect rigging could fail and cause the lights hung with the rigging to fall.

    Although the failure can also prevail because of wind, and its repercussions are deadly. As such, it said and known that rigging is not a do-it-yourself kind of job and you need the help of professionals to fix it with strength and care. 
    What links or climbing are utilized carabiners for rigging purposes? 
    Schakels are ideal in place of quick links and carabiners because a partially open quick link or carabiner can reduce the load rating of the item by more than half, causing it to fail at a much lower weight load. I

    Are you using cable or Crosby clips on your steel aircraft cable? 
     Cable clips tend to loosen with time as the cable stretches and settles. It is not uncommon to find cable clips that are not even finger tight or that are backwards, both of which increase the odds of failure. Cable clips need to be inspected and retightened with a torque wrench every year. Instead, use cable swages as they don't work loose over time. These are just a few of the common issues, but if you answered yes to a few of these questions—at the very least you probably need a rigging inspection. If you answered yes to a lot of these questions, you need a rigging inspection, which may reveal you need to replace your rigging before it fails. 

    But if you got rigging fixed properly from the professionals in the first place, it generally does not make any problems for the future and give the ambience a perfect desired look. 

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