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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring
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Vinyl Flooring

Stage works are here to provide you with contemporary woven textile flooring that combines the warmth and texture of textile along with the strength of vinyl that provides long lasting durability. Created by using yarns which incorporate solid monofilament fibres as they are best to be known for there everlasting nature. We have different range, colour shape sizes but with the same "BEST" and indeed promised quality services.

Providing and fixing of Sound Absorbent Anti bacterial Woven vinyl floorings with roll dimensions of 1.8 meters width and length of 20 meters with Stain, water & Oil resistant Tiles size as per company standard should be approved by engineer in charge. 2.50-2.80 mm thickness to laid on hard, levelled, smooth and moisture free sub floor.  

Woven Vinyl flooring should have traffic classification 33 and weight of 2.7-3.5 kg/m2. Flooring should have caster chair EN-985 tested with color fastness of more than 6. It shoukld be ASTME662 qualified on Smoke density test. Product should be fire rating of the product should be Bfl-S1. Any Joints in flooring rolls should be sealed with cold welding.As per approved shade and colour as per the satisfaction of the engineer in charge.

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