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Super Beam Moving Head Light

Super Beam Moving Head Light
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Super Beam Moving Head Light

The calibrated four-color additive mixing system builds on the success of the Super Beam Moving Head array offering brighter reds, more vibrant greens, and deeper blues than typical event-focused automated luminaires, with the even and calibrated color mixing you’ve come to expect from Stage Works. Mix infinite shades of warm and cool whites, every hue of your favorite reds and blues, or the perfect sunset or sunrise.

The Unique Anti-gobo wheel paired with the dynamic customizable five-position rotating gobo wheel enable you to create textures like never before. This custom designed, laser attached wheel will be one of your favourite features of the multiple & eye catching spot. Super Beam Moving Head wouldn’t be an automated fixture without a smooth, controllable iris, an 18-54° zoom and the most perfectly subtle theatrical frost in the world.

The feature of our light are:

Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 500W

Light Source: PHILIPS 350W lamp

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Channels: DMX 18/22 Channels

Color Wheel: One color wheel, 13 colors + open Gobo wheel: One static gobo wheel, 13 gobos+ open

Frost: Gradually frost, wash angle 5-30 degree Strobe: 0.5-14/c variable strobe effect

Lens: Glass optic lens, linear zoom 0-20 degree Movement: Pan 540 degree

Tilt: 270 degree, 8/16 bit resolution, Pan/Tilt movement auto repositioning function, Auto reset when mis-positioned.

IP Grade: IP20

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