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Among the several types of stage styles trending around the globe, proscenium arches have the oldest history, from the days of Shakespeare. Though not always in the shape of an arch, prosceniums beat their sibling styles Thrust, Arena and others in most auditoriums and theatre stage manufacture. We are the masters of carving out the best stages with the most efficient stage geometry, carefully crafting the slope and audience view in a budget Stageworks setup. The apron, which at many times extends to the audience is the central point of all that efficiency and this platform is given its best form by Stage Works - the industry experts and India’s leading brand.
The podium and the wooden floors are absolutely flawless and the adjoining acoustic devices bring out the finest quality sound into the audience. The podium is elevated to an optimum height and masks the electrical cords and other equipment installed beneath. The shiny slip resistant wooden floor enhances the light reflection and absorbs the noise. The majorly impressive work is done in the hidden areas backstage. We fix the engineered products to the bare concrete walls and improve the sound quality with our intelligent designing solutions. We also understand the importance of the apron, which is carefully and aesthetically projected to keep the entire audience in the prime focus. All this is topped with excellent curtaining styles, both front and backstage, making your auditorium a dream come true for the performers. You can get the best shape you desire, space-saving squares or artful arches, the best of a picture frame (end-stage), cleverly curved arches, and an array of options to define the view angle only at Stage Works design. 

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