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Intelligent Stage Effect Lighting

Intelligent Stage Effect Lighting
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Intelligent Stage Effect Lighting

99% of the audience does not notice lighting, but 100% of the audience is affected by it. When all the elements come together, great sound, great video and great lighting the experience can be amazing. Auditorium Stage Lighting Manufacture is carefully scrutinised by our experts.

Stage Works has designed and installed auditorium stage lighting throughout India. We are also supplying stage lighting equipments for auditoriums, theatres, schools and colleges in India.  We have a team of professionals Engineers, Programmer and technicians ready to assist you with the perfect stage lighting solution to fit both your needs and your budget. 

We also offer an ongoing Annual Maintenance services (AMS) to our clients and any stage lighting user to ensure your systems are operating at best performance and lifespan. 

Intelligent Stage Effect Lighting takes a show to another big level, aiding with complicated impressions, moving with much agility and crispness. Automation in lighting allows the crew to illuminate venues in a spectacular way, signify the mood and theme prevalent in the performance and capture the entire attention of the audience. The intelligent systems provide a fast mobility, multitude of special effects and a vast range of motion control, which has changed the picture and expectation of a performance.

The complex setups spice up the ambiance and the audience becomes more participative just with the magic of illumination. From a single spotlight to shades, dim and glow, or a strong wash, we have all types of intelligent systems. 

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