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Stage Fabrication

Stage Fabrication
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Stage Fabrication

Systemised stage fabrications are becoming increasingly popular everywhere from small community theatres to large-scale venues because they allow crew members to safely access lighting at different locations, sound, and rigging. We are the stage installation provider with unique fabrication features that improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the deployed system. Our stage designing works maximise device and cable life and are easily configurable. 

Catwalk with cable trays
Our Catwalk systems are designed to provide maximum safety and time reduction during movements. These systems can be installed vertically, or horizontally suspended in air, or mountable as a wall. Depending on your site and requirement, we install the catwalks to ease the movement of crew and access to conveyors and machinery. Separate cable trays are sectioned in order to keep all the cables and network manageable and safe. Our cable trays are made of high quality metals, making them safe to hold a good amount of weight. The mechanisms allow flexibility to change wiring, install new ones or entirely reassemble the network. We install best quality cable trays and catwalk system.

There are different kinds of walkways serving different functions. There are hidden paths connecting orchestra pit and the audience area, or orchestra pit and area beyond the proscenium arch, access to equipment and interconnecting bridges. We also create secret ways and hinged traps both above and underneath the stage. 

Overhead Grid
We install overhead sky deck as a part of stage systems for efficient management of lightings, electrical and sound cables, speakers and other accessories. We also design these overhead grids according to the future requirement for facilities and expansion. The overhead grid is very effective in high-end stage performances. They serve the purpose of holding different types of plaks, cable racks, props, equipment, devices, signals and other objects. They are also helpful for the crew to move up and down without straining their back on ladders. 

Sky Deck
Sky decks are super handy, accessible, and easy to get work done on and they make things fast. You no longer have to work on several feet high trestle ladder. With the help of tension wire grid people can move heavy equipment very easily upstage and have a bird’s eye view over the performance. Sky deck is like a hidden ceiling with a neat and tidy look that does not interfere with the ongoing performance. It is also a better solution to acoustical obstructions overhead. It employs flexibility for lighting from any position. 

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