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Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains
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Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains are one of the foremost vital pillars in an auditorium. They add an attractive look to Stages and complete the transition from the physical structure of the building to the world created on the stage.

Stage Works is expert in manufacturing, designing, supplying and installing motorized and manual stage curtains with vinche suspension system and multi-layered design.

A wide variety of curtains are available keeping in mind the different types, colors, and sizes. These Curtains are easy to operate and requires minimum stage works maintenance.

We are the manufacturer of Stage curtains and tracks and accessories with respect to , type of stage curtains, side wings and frill. The canopy of our curtain styles includes horizontal and vertical curtains, proscenium drapes, great valance, traveller curtains, bi-parting curtains, masks, scrims and different types of backdrops. We also provide made-to-order designs that stand out from the general idea.

We also have a wide range of high-quality fabric types for different styles and purposes. The different types of curtain tracks used in theatres, straight or curved are available with us. The frills we arrange are also exclusive to the curtains used for front, mid or backstage. Every type, size and stuff for frills is available with us.  We also have a large variety of wings styles. Our Wing designs are made to absorb maximum noise and reduce bouncing of sound in the room, besides masking backstage efficiently. 

Motorised Stage Light Bars and Rigging: -

We install completely motorised stage lighting bars and backstage rigging systems. The motorised stage lighting bars allow smooth performance with minimum manual force needed to pull the heavy lights back and forth. Such adjustments are made with a click of a switch. We install lighting systems suspended through pulleys and plaks that remain resistant to wear and tear for a very long time. The rigging systems are sturdy and roomy for free movement of crew through the passages for any type of maintenance and adjustments. We provide complete rigging systems both as vertical and overhead decks. Every bit of the installation complies with the safety standards and fully controllable. 

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