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Stage Curtain Opening Styles.

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    Stage Curtain Opening Styles.



    We design Stage drapes to mask backstage areas, as well as camouflage the performers and props that are embracing the stage. The stage curtains are formed with the use of thick, light-absorbing fabrics to give an aesthetic appeal to all stage performances. Therefore, stage curtains are quite heavy and need proper automation. But, this is not enough before hanging a curtain one should also be aware of all types of stage openings and what suits the designed proscenium best. 

    Continue reading the article to find out all about different Stage Curtain Opening Style. 


    Traveller Curtain

    A Traveller Curtain is the common bi-parting style curtain that overlays in the middle and moves stage left and stage right, customarily piling off stage behind the proscenium arch. These curtains represent one of the most common openings for theatres without a fly system.


    Guillotine Curtain 

    A Guillotine Curtain raises directly up above the stage. It can be seen as one large curtain or made in two smaller overlapping panels. One of the most common curtains breaks in theatres with a fly system.


    Tab Curtain 

    A Tab Curtain is formulated in two protruding panels that lift diagonally creating two beautiful swirls that act as a decorative valance when the curtain is in its open position. Typically used as the main curtains.


    Austrian Curtain 

    An Austrian Curtain, also known as a Waterfall or Festoon curtain, is very elegant, embellished and beautiful. It is embroidered with both horizontal and vertical affluence to create vertical panels of swags that lift up evenly via motorized lift lines.


    Contour Curtain 

    A Contour Curtain has separately operated lift lines that allow the independent flow of each panel. This type of curtain has horizontal fullness, but may or may not have vertical fullness. The look is reminiscent of royalness and old movie palaces.


    Wagner Curtain

    These curtain panels lift diagonally to unveil two small swags at the top corners of the proscenium arch.


    Combination Curtain

    It is a combination of the Guillotine and the Tab curtain style.