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Stage Acoustics

Stage Acoustics
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Stage Acoustics

Stage Works is a leading stage Acoustics Consultant Firm that offers an exclusive range of acoustic inputs with the highest quality at very reasonable prices. We offer various acoustical materials such as Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Acoustic Doors & Windows, Acoustic Floor Panels, Acoustic Tiles with beautiful aesthetic looks for the Auditorium. We are proud to offer our clients affordable soundproof doors & windows. These are ideal for recording studios, offices, hotels, conference rooms or any application where a soundproof interior door is required. 

Our team offers professional installation services for all acoustical solutions products. Our team of engineers is available to visit a job site, conduct sound and vibration testing, analyze data, and provide a report with unbiased recommendations on how to solve any type sound or noise control issue.

The entire science of sounds in an auditorium is based on how sound waves are reflected. We have experts who carefully play with the basic principles of sound travel and come up with the perfectly engineered design for maximum audibility to the audience. With the help of frills, wings, drops, curtains, and other barriers arranged in a precise manner, we create the perfect aura for an extraordinary performance.

Even the slightest hush of dialogues on stage can be heard in the last row of the audience and the hustle bustle will not interrupt the performance. The show must go on.So far, our acoustical engineering in the theatres and halls has been applauded to a great extent. With this confidence, we promise that your venture is only going to be better as our brainy experts implement their several years of experience.

The technology and equipment we install are up to the mark according to international standards. We not only design a multi-purpose stage, we are also expert in designing specific stages for specific types of uses.

A theatre ideal for drama is different from a theatre specific to musical performances. From fly lofts to audience seating styles, we have an eye for detail for every corner of the room, even the exterior walls. We implant specially designed pitch black absorption pads in the invisible parts of the stage for an improved quality of direct and reflected sound. 


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