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Pre Programmed Stage Curtain

Pre Programmed Stage Curtain
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Pre Programmed Stage Curtain

Stage Works manufacture for theatres and cinemas of all sizes which cater for Auditorium’s stage  and play across the India. The range has a full offering including a front of house curtains, backdrops, rear curtain, side wings and side stage curtains. The range has everything that a Theatre and Cinema could require to offer an amazing theme and performance.

Where Stage Works excel is through our offering of flame retardant curtains and fabrics that are certified to Indian standards and where necessary international flame retardant standards.

High Quality and High-Value Theatre Curtains

As a company we pride ourselves on manufacturing the very best theatre and stage curtains, we work closely with our customers to give free samples and quotations to ensure you get the product that you want.

Custom Stage Curtains

We are a manufacturer of stage curtains and everything we manufacture is to our customers made to measure sizes and therefore everything is custom and bespoke to your exact requirements. We can manufacture from 2m drops all the way to 10m without an issue

If you want to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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