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Motorized Stage Light Bar

Motorized Stage Light Bar
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Motorized Stage Light Bar


We install completely motorised stage lighting bars and backstage rigging systems. The motorised stage lighting bars allow smooth performance with minimum manual force needed to pull the heavy lights back and forth. Such adjustments are made with a click of a switch. We install lighting systems suspended through pulleys and plaks that remain resistant to wear and tear for a very long time. The rigging systems are sturdy and roomy for free movement of crew through the passages for any type of maintenance and adjustments. We provide complete rigging systems both as vertical and overhead decks. Every bit of the installation complies with the safety standards and fully controllable. 

An automated lighting bar holds the most important position in operational safety and maintenance of a stage, at reduced costs. Stage Works profoundly announces the launch of new generation lighting bar with organised wiring.  The entire system integration wi8ll be decided according to the requirement of your venue and similarly, the outlet density can also vary from low, medium to high. 

We fully customise the fittings of the lighting bar to enhance their quality, strength and compliance with safety standards. We have different range of products that are squared and pegged according to the patching and hanging requirements on the venue. The facilities are long lasting, fixed type, and available for versatile arrangements and suits to all types of auditoriums and open stage applications. To keep our promise, we use only the highest quality and most trusted Jand lighting bar systems. We also fix with or without AC power generated motors that fully comply with the safety standards in India. 

Our sturdy light bars can tolerate an evenly distributed load of maximum 100 kg/m. The point loads can also go up to 100 kg on the specified point of rigging configuration. We understand the responsibility of the safety of crew and performers, hence, the entire installation is done by strictly adhering to the standards, protocols and expert advice. The lights and bars installed on lifting beams are also in sync with electrical safety requisites. 

Feel free to enquire about the legal and procedural standards. Our experts will answer your queries relating to wired lighting bars in India and also show you how we fulfil them. 


  • Proprietary extruded spine for strength
  • Durable construction & black low sheen finish
  •  Distributed Loads of (up to) 100kg/m & Point Loads of (up to) 100kg.
  • Customised module lengths and outlet densities (low, medium & high) for simple user customized solutions
  • Kits for flying from ropes or chains, for suspending from battens and for fixed installations.
  • Industry standard cables, headers & tails.
  • Compatible with patch panels.

Motorized light bar with vertical movement for fixing of Banners/Scenery cloth: Using 3-ph. 440 vAC 1.5 HP Motor (Crompton Greaves - Copper Wound) Mounted on an Iron base frame:
 Main drum c/w attached gearbox (Greaves): Limit - Switch: Air-Breaker relay: Using 50mm Dia Back pipe, supported by steel wire rope of 6mm dia: 5" 
Pulleys & Master pulley: magnetic brake system (BCH coils) with 4" Drum: 3 nos. push buttons for up, down and stop function.


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