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Importance of stage lighting

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    Importance of stage lighting

    Stage lighting is more of an artistic job for which one needs to have proper knowledge like what several different types of stage lighting instruments are used in this control method as lighting plays a very crucial role in setting a tone and emotion of an environment. while along with this stage lighting plays multiple functional roles.

    1.Selective Visibility 
    The ability through which you have the power to control what you want to show to your audience and they see only what is visibly presented to them. Any lighting design will be useless if the viewers cannot see the characters unless this is the specific intent.

    2.Disclosing the Form 
    Through this one can get the approach to shapeshift the 3D forms of any object. Through light, it is easy to manipulate the perspective onstage, if proper lighting is installed by the professionals, they can help you to know about the viewing angels for better direction on stage. 

    Directing the attention of your audience to the matter of domination is very important for any performance to lead out the message. This is mainly possible by bringing this perspective in focus which can be done by penetrating the focusing light over it. This is also important to avoid distractions for the audience.

    Lighting defines the moods of any interior for example to bring warmth you would use the warm yellow and red shade of light and provide cool or breeze feels with blue and lavender tones. Lighting sets a tone of the scene which is hard to judge as an audience because of the distance between the stage and the sitting.

    5.Location and time 
    One can change the atmosphere inside an auditorium with the play of lights the blue and purples can give an effect of winter or night whereas mixing yellows and reds can give an effect of the sunrise of a bold summer day. 

    Lighting is also used for projecting scene on the stage. while focusing on different elements of a performance.

    Now, effects must be the most important element of the lighting. In any pop and rock concerts or DJ shows or raves, coloured lights and lasers may be used as visual effects. These lighting effects are the main visual representation of making these events interesting with its proper operation sometimes it always drains as a flop show.