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Impact of stage curtain in theatre

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    Impact of stage curtain in theatre

      Appy theatre drapes with experts advice to create an excellent ambience for space, let us know-how. Theatre drape comes in a wide variety of fabrics, such as velvet, blackout, rayon, and silk. The Velour is beautiful and elegant and is a fabric of choice where a production calls for this type of drape, whilst thick, heavy velvet adds a rich opulence and grandeur that no other theatre drape can match. Use of theatre drape can add three-dimensional texture to walls, and theatre drapes and stage curtains come in different degrees of fullness, depending on how ‘flat’ or ‘gathered’ they are. Besides the painted drops on muslin or linen, there are scrims. When lit from the front, scrim theatre drape appear opaque, and when backlit they become translucent. Scrims are available in many sizes. They are the drape which does wonders to the performances! It fell to the ground and was dragged away by slaves. The idea of raising the curtain out of sight came in trend during the Italian Renaissance, which was a known period of impactful interiors.

    Curtains have multiple capabilities when it comes to emphasising the performance, but its application and designing is much technical and needs precision. It is why it is extremely important to have expert advice, consultation and designers on your team. 


    The sizes of theatre drapes

    There is no standard backdrop theatre drape size. Common sizes are 22′ high x 50′ wide and 17′ high x 40′ wide, but they are available in many off the shelf sizes. Here are Cover It Up we can supply you with a massive selection of theatre drapes and stage drapes in every size imaginable and our bespoke department of theatre drape are poised and ready to take your order.


    Are you putting on a production and need theatre drape?

    What kind of scenery does your production or event need? As you might already know, it depends on the show or play that you are going to perform, and the statement that you want to make. Some productions are quite elaborate, whilst others may use minimal or symbolic scenery. We Auditorium works provide our turnkey services pan India working anywhere in the country we can help with all your theatre drape and stage drape.