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Designing and Consultancy

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    Designing and Consultancy

    Along with designing the best of stages we also serve our clients with consultancy for acoustic, design and turnkey of any project. We often have a cost-effective pragmatic solution to complex problems and drew upon our years of designing service experiences. We evaluate and offer recommendations on the issues of room, acoustic response, sound leakage, acoustic treatment, space design, and feasibility of the project.

    Your aesthetic choice will evaluate our designs for the project. we don't force our designs on the clients. Ones creative vision dedicates all aspects of the designs. All this will include, elevation, floor plan soundproofing, acoustic specs, interior design, equipment placement, colour and finish. We optimize the acoustic response and work with the budgetary guidelines by the clients. We use all necessary software like AutoCAD, Sketchup pro etc to create and modify the designed layouts for the efficient work pace and to provide our client with more option and choices.

    We have a crew of master carpenters, engineers, and Finnest team of architects and 3D artists who are verified by our clients to provide Finnish and highest standards of quality work. We facilitate all aspects to ensure our project meets the specified results and be completed on time.