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Cyclorama Fix Frame Screens

Cyclorama Fix Frame Screens
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Cyclorama Fix Frame Screens

Stage Works Consultant India offers projector solution for your auditorium, meeting rooms, conference rooms at affordable prices. We have an excellent reputation and a great deal of practical, hands-on experience in fitting and maintaining all types of projection screens.

The quality and material of a projection screen have a big effect on the final projected image. We only use very high-quality wires so that there would be no visual distortion because wiring is the most important component of a Projection System. We are supplying and installing various types of projector screen and its accessories.

Projection screens are the heart and soul of every presentation. All eyes are set on the screen and thus it has to be flawless. We install cyclorama fix frame screens for theatres and projection rooms. We use only the best quality material, free of bulges and pleats. Their colour is optimally selected for perfect reflection and even the hind canvass is installed with equal perfection.

We have successfully catered to our clients for cinema, home cinema and film productions. The final image quality is speckless and finished. We install the most popular straight sided cycloramas with exceptionally impressionistic features and stunning lighting balance effects by better absorption and reflection. Stage Works cyclorama fix frame screens are the guaranteed choice for the highest quality illusionary effects. 

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