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Auditorium Acoustics

Auditorium Acoustics
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Auditorium Acoustics

Stage Works is amongst the most momentous acoustical consulting, service and material provider, serving clients across the Country. Whatever your operating scale is, whatever your desired outcome is, whatever resources you have and whatever the degree of project complexity is, you rest assured. With absolute dedication and hard work along with the inventive and creative approach, We make sure that your dream turns to reality.

Understanding that an optimal design requires a pensive equilibrium of financial, operative, technical and organizational objectives and constraints we have a multi-disciplinary team of acoustical engineering experts, architects, facility directors and core experts, well equipped with latest technology and gadgets.

To cater to client requirements most coherently and effectively, we have implemented a working methodology that identifies the project key phases scientifically, keeping into consideration feasibility analysis so that the correct strategy may be prepared. Our consulting practice areas specialize in all aspects of architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control.

The Study of Acoustics.

Acoustics is the scientific study of sound waves. The acoustics inside an enclosed space is an Indissoluble relation between the sounds and the architecture. It somehow depends upon the reverberation which persists of sound inside an enclosed space after the source of sound has stopped. Reverberant sound is the reflected sound, as a result of improper absorption. Reverberation may confuse with the sound created next. However, some reverberation is essential for improving the quality sound.

The time during which the sound persists is called the reverberation that is a time of sound in the hall. Not all sound that hits matter is absorbed. Some of it is reflected. That means sound bounces off the solid matter the way a tennis ball bounces off a wall. The sound reflected in its source is an echo. An echo is produced when the reflected sound wave reaches the ear just when the original sound from the same source has been already heard.

Thus there is a repetition of the sound. And then here we need the application of acoustics, where reverberation and echos prevail, the science of sound, in technology. Acoustical engineers are typically concerned with the design, analysis and control of sound. One goal of acoustical engineering can be the reduction of unwanted noise, which is referred to as noise control, and the other is to provide the clarity of sound. Now many believe that acoustics is to block noise inside any space, but ironically, providing acoustics do not block any sound at all. This may sound like a new perspective on the entire concept but how further being told is something that should define acoustics. 

According to the scientific explanation behind the installation of acoustics in any space is considered as isolation of sound by many but rather the laws and movement suggest it is the absorption of sound. BUT HOW: when we are not able to hear sound from outside the space and do not let any sound skip out of the space this can be defined as "isolation" of sounds.

Anyhow, when we apply acoustics to an enclosed space the major concern behind that is to get rid of echos and reverberations. Now to get rid of these echos we need some kind of absorption in-spite of isolation because then the echos will not be able to sneak out rather will keep bouncing inside the space. therefore, acoustics provide nanotechnology of absorption in the room to reduce the echo wavelength. Therefore it is the process of absorption of sound rather than isolation of sound. This knowledge, then further provides the best results in installing an acoustically treated space.

Our team offers professional installation services for all acoustical solutions products. Our team of engineers is available to visit a job site, conduct sound and vibration testing, analyze data, and provide a report with unbiased recommendations on how to solve any type sound or noise control issue. We have experts who carefully play with the basic principles of sound travel and come up with the perfectly engineered design for maximum audibility to the audience.

Even the slightest hush of dialogues on stage can be heard in the last row of the audience and the hustle-bustle will not interrupt the performance. The show must go on.

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