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Acoustic Panel

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    Acoustic Panel

    The interior architecture produces the first impression through designed surfaces that demand acoustical performance to make those spaces and environments more expressive, both visual and acoustical comfort in interior spaces.


    For Acoustic Wood Panels, we carefully coordinate refined design features in a room to produce the optimum design from an aesthetic and acoustic comfort. We use high-quality materials in our panelling/cladding system and can produce them according to specific customer requirements. Filled with innovative ideas we create perfect solutions that are both artistic and provide acoustical comfort.

    Timeless design and excellent absorption values characterize our Acoustic Wood Panels in three superposed layers of transverse and longitudinal slits generate an excellent perforation pattern. The tongue and groove system, the panels can be strung together unlimitedly. The result is a seamless and light looking design of your wall and ceiling panelling/cladding.


     Acoustic Wood Panels

    Wood is one of the oldest materials in the world. With its incomparable and unique variety, this mature NATURAL material offers inexhaustible expressing possibilities to be extensively creative. Application of advanced technology and acoustic theory. We offer a wide range of timber, polyester and magnesia composite materials have been developed. These Acoustic Wood Panels are visually attractive offering natural veneers, engineered and designer veneers, textures, colours, decorative effects, melamine and RAL paint finishes and expressions.